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I'm a twenty-something lawyer living in the nation's capital immersed in a lifelong love-affair with all things politics. Raised by Republican parents and surrounded by 3 generations of Republican relatives, Republicanism is as much a part of me as my Italian-American heritage.

Life has led me to a more fervent and outspoken defense of conservative and Republican ideals, especially those of individual responsibility, smaller government, and more local control over rule by Washington.

Accepting my identity as a gay man has done nothing to shake those political principles. In fact, it has made me more committed to Republican principles. Watching the modern gay-rights movement descend into madness has made me an "anti-activist" and wary of all groups claiming to speak for "my community" which typically means selling us out to the Democrat Party.

So, I'm something of a wild-card. I am proud of what and who I am, but am not beholden to any of my identities when coming to positions on issues. Hopefully, those reading this will find my take interesting and worthwhile and will come back for more.