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July 13, 2005




You make some very important points here, and an extremely important one is the myriad of things that create "Diversity". GLBT orientations are not about Democrats and Republicans. They are what they are....."orientations". Each of the individuals is the real diversification for the group, and a reasonable and fair representation is not only called for, it is imperative. How else can the "whole" minority voice really be heard otherwise?

My concern, when I see this type of "office", "board", committee", "group", etc being organized, mandated, or demanded, then filled only with extremists ....is that the the GLBT community is being sold out and only becoming "tokens".

I am friends with multiple GLBT folks and none of them agree with or comprehend this activist type mentality. I also have numerous GLBT clients.....and so far, when the subject is broached, neither do they. Being from an area that is quite respectful and tolerant of an alternative orientation or lifestyle may be the reason for this, who knows, but I assure you that none of the GLBT folks I associate with agree that all the "positions" of influence should come from the "extreme left" or be Democrats. In fact, all of these folks I associate with are seemingly tired of feeling like they have to "check the pulse" of folks like me to do business with us, because of the activists agendas today. From what they tell me, they were much more comfortable being GLBT in our society 5-10 years ago before the extremists. One lady put it best. She said " I had dealt with it, gone on with my life, and now I am having to justify myself all over again, and assure to friends, family, and any one I meet, that I am not one of the "wackos". This is sad, and uncalled for.

Fortunately for me, once they have relaxed and see that I am not the "anti" GLBT version of the KKK, we actually become quite productive in our business relationships.

Sad to say, but seems like this movement is going through it's own version of "light skin"..."dark skin" mentality. I hope more of you can pull the left arm back to the middle and then really define important concerns with everyone's voice being recognized.


Federalist Phoenix

I actually read Letters to a Young Conservative by Dinesh D'Souza, and one line in there really struck me. Basically, he says, homosexuality has become an ideology rather than an orientation. It's now a worldview through which all things are filitered.

It is so true. I have always tried to find a way to communicate the idea that I was gay but that it didn't define my entire life. This is exactly what I was looking for. The activists have bought into the ideology of being gay and therefore define themseleves and everything they do in those terms. But I would say most gay men and women do not filter the world and all it holds through homosexuality. It's probably why so many don't understand the activists. But activists will always get the most attention and so they are the ones that wind up controlling the agenda.

At last check, the bill before the Council here had not passed. I hope it doesn't. If it does, the GOP here (especially Log Cabin) will be lobbying the Mayor and councilmembers to insure that this office doesn't become captive to liberla Democrat activists. We can only hope they'll listen.

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