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July 04, 2005



Senator "CHAPPKEPTQUIET"...as we all know never quite goes far enough into anything to really discern "intent". He must have learned that from not going far enough back into the car to get Mary Jo. He probably took time for a vote, and a majority was obviously 1 vote, which he clearly had, so he swam away to chair the committee to figure out who drove the car??!?!

Do you think I am still having a hard time getting past this one?!?!?

He may pretend "Federalism", but his agenda is not for the "Republic of The United States of America". He will never sell that to the majority of us. His "name", "money" and "power" may fool his contituents and those that fear him, but we all know he would never be a candidate for President, huh?

Thanks for exposing him for what he is. Reckon you could get this post published? It is certainly well documented and what the rest of the public needs to be aware of.

There is a real and prevailing danger here that folks actually still think he knows what he is talking about.


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