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August 07, 2005



I doubt that the ACLU, NYCLU, or any other "civil liberties" group or "rights oriented" organization has really seen the big picture here. As you said, they would be screaming "profiling" if only "Middle Eastern" types were targeted for spot searches.

It is obvious they didn't read the article back in 2004 put out by the Associated press, 12/17/04. Nearly half (44%) of the American Public still believed we should limit the Civil Liberties of all Muslim Americans. That is 3 years post 9/11. This was a Cornell University poll and it did have some disturbing revelations.

However, maybe these groups should also visit the Islam 101 website and read the article about the Muslim populations in the U.S. The stats, even though from 1991 are thought provoking. Respecting that these folks mostly are peaceful, we do have to accept facts. With a growing populace of a religion that views the rest of the world as infidels, there will be some converts that will fall to the "Jihadist" mindset. These converts are "Americans" by birth and the numbers are growing quickly.

Even with the Fiqh Council of North America issuing a fatwa (religious edict found on www.amperspective.com) on July 28th, 2005, condemning terrorism......that does not eliminate religious zealots. All religions have them, but rarely do they determine that Martyrdom is a required part of true faith.

From my perspective and IMHO, we should take the time to search everyone....we simply don't have the luxury of "Middle Eastern" characterizations anymore.

The ACLU et al need to shut up and sit down on this one. Or maybe they have all decided to quit riding trains, busses and airplanes, so they can insure themselves to still be around to "protect our rights and civil liberties".


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