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August 03, 2005



Hopefully you have sent this to Dubya and the gang, because you have nailed it and they need the advise. We do need the Federal Government to have a definitive way to view marriage so certain entities can funtion (IRS, SS, etc) and yet the States MUST be left to be the final defining body for marriage laws.

We cannot give up states rights because we have gotten ourselves caught up in a debate over sexual preference. One of the beauties of the Constitution is the very individualistic nature it yields to the States to create unique rights and privileges for it's citizens. People actually still decide where they want to live, based on the laws of the State they are considering moving to. As it should be! This is definitely a State legislation issue and a Federal definition issue.

The challenge will be to get "Both" sides to see this and submit to it. Unfortunately, it has become so "Hotly debated" we will probably sacrifice the State's rights, just to simply settle the debate for "the time being". I wish I could have said "once and for all", but this will continue to be a fight, no matter who wins. People have always either been born with a desire for the opposite sex, both sexes, or the same sex. This is not a news flash for anyone that has a Bible or has read at least about Greece in a history book. All types of sexual attraction will always exist until the end of time, when Christ returns. Therefore, I hope those in power to uphold our Constitution will listen to the sage advise you are giving.


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