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October 05, 2005



We agree on this, but we disagree about Chafee??? How is that possible? Any speculation as to why Captain Conservative(Santorum) has kept silent on this issue?


Hey there D,

I think I see a few hairs bristling on your neck, my friend. And.....there is a huge part of me that is completely understanding, for sure. If you had a chance to see my email to you last week, you will see that I am still a Janice Rogers Brown fan, but we may still see her in play yet. Two ways:

1.Stevens steps down.

2.Meirs withdraws.

However, once we take a breath, and remember Dubya's good decision on CJ of SCOTUS, I hope you can regain some of your confidence in him and his decision making process.

I have listened on RedState and a few others to the concerns, but I ran across some very interesting reads on beldarsblog.com and on bamapachyderm.com, that I would hope you will spend some time with, if you haven't already. To say the least, they did turn the heat down on my thermometer a little. As you know, I am just an old "RWCC" Republican of Federalist Society roots with a smidgeon of "Capitalist" thrown in. My "Federalist" heart was healed a little bit when I read some of their posts.

I am not saying that Dubya may not have ignored the cronyism warnings of Fed Papers 76 to a degree. However, we know he is smarter than the "moonbats" give him credit. Maybe he knew this would be the reactions this nomination would have? If so, I now realize that Harriet is a tough as nails lady that may be a pawn, and completely aware of it, and prepared for it. If she steps down, as "possibly" has been planned all along, then a JRB or Luttig nomination will be defended by the likes of you and me til "Hell freezes over".( not to say that we wouldn't have anyway, just not as passionately possibly) Just a thought.

Also, if we can try to put some trust back into old Dubya, (and I know that is tough right now) he may have actually nominated someone in the mold of Scalia and Thomas as promised. The fact that she is so "stealth" is not *ALL* bad, if that is the case, ie: Roberts for SCOTUS and then for CJ @ 78/22.

As always, though, I am inspired by your passion for truth and justice. It is one of the many reasons, I keep coming back. I just wish this is all I had to do, but the Real Estate world "owns" me and it is really cooking here in the PNW.

God Bless and Keep You,



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